camry cars price 3000

Searching for the price of a car from car auctions on average 3000 is almost easy, with car licenses offered in car auctions held by official authorities only, such as Emirates Auctions, and cars can also be obtained for much less than this price.

The most important types of cars that are offered in car auctions

The most important types of cars offered in car auctions are Corolla, Yaris, Camry, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, Ford and Dodge cars, as well as Honda cars.

The price of each car is determined based on several factors, the most important of which are:

The general condition of the cars offered for sale

The number of bids on the vehicle

bid time

In addition to the most important factor is the number of people willing to bid on the car

There are many cars whose price is only 3000 in auctions, where Koloa cars are among the most demanded cars at the present time, but the price of 7000 is very suitable to buy a used car at this price from the auction

cars from owners with contacts

سياره كاميرا 99 فيها مليكه 5 شهر السعر 6500الرقم 00971502206897

Camry 2004 gcc car company used
Price 10800
All working good

Full option
1998 model
Sharja Number
2 month mulkiya
Price :- 6500
Mobile:- +971564720626
Location :- Halwan suburb, Sharja

Toyota Camry 2006 model in good condition wit 8 months milkier.price 11,000 00971582947311 location: dubai

كامري خليجي مالك اول 2006
حالة السياره جيدة جيدا
مطلوب 11000 رقم التواصل