Cars with a thousand riyals in Qatar

Cars with a thousand riyals in Qatar ، A major car auction is scheduled to be held in Qatar within the next few days.
This auction will sell cars for a thousand riyals and some cars will cost more than a thousand riyals.
Participation in the auction will not be for the people of Qatar only, foreigners from outside Qatar can participate in the big auction that will be held in the coming days

Sources revealed that the auction will involve at least 500 cars.
All cars will be in good condition and do not need any maintenance, and these cars can travel with them outside the Emirates in the event that the owner decides to travel with them to his country

Also, a specific age is not required to participate in this auction, in which a large group of government cars that have been dispensed by government agencies in Qatar will participate in.

The auction is scheduled to witness a wide participation, whether from Qataris or all nationalities that work in Qatar and like to buy cars from the State of Qatar

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