Kia Carnival 2016 for sale in Saudi Arabia

Many people in the Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, are looking for the price of  Kia Carnival 2016 cars, which were launched in different markets, including Saudi Arabia, during the past years, because that brand of cars from the model of that year achieved high revenues

Kia Carnival 2016 for sale in Saudi Arabia

Car: Kia – Carnival
Model: 2016
Vehicle Condition: Used
Gearbox: automatic gearbox
Fuel type: 6-cylinder petrol
Walkway: 170
add extras
Radar, blind spot, back-up alert, 2 self-controlled sunroofs, rear and front air conditioners, self-controlling, electric doors and trunk that also works with remote control, leather seats, eco system
The body is an agency free of spraying and plumbing, except for a minor blow that was shown in the pictures, and it has not been repaired.
The car is very clean and does not need any expenses
The place is Dammam
Price: 62000
To contact 0569304211

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