cars for sale in uae

Bn zayyed free cars stores provides many used cars at prices that do not exceed a thousand, where you can choose more than one car to buy, according to its price.

Where are the used auctions cars located?
There are auction cars in many places within the country, but in any case, it is preferable to choose government auctions because of their great credibility, as there are many cars in them.

Yaris cars prices in auctions
The prices of Yaris cars vary in auctions according to the type, model and condition of the car, but in all cases there are Yaris cars at a price of up to 2000 only

cars for sales from owners

تويوتا كامري
كامري موديل ٢٠٠٧
خليجي سيارة جاهزة السعر ١٥٠٠٠
الشارقة للتواصل 00971555079598

camry model:
Full automatic
No paint no accident
Interest call 00971526098757
Price 11000 drh

للبيع كامري موديل 2014 نظيفه ملكيه سنه مطلوب 18الف درهم قابل للتفاوض تليفون +971559911324