A Diamond in the Rough _ My Toyota Yaris 2017 Experience

The year was 2017. Gas prices were low and crossovers were all the rage. But I wanted something different. Something reliable yet affordable. Fuel efficient but still fun. That’s when I stumbled upon the Toyota Yaris 2017. This compact hatchback had everything I was looking for.

First Impressions

My first thought seeing the Yaris was – small but mighty! It looked like a tiny box on wheels. But don’t let its petite size fool you. This little guy packs a punch.

  • Sleek, modern styling that looks more expensive than it is
  • Surprisingly spacious interior with room for 5
  • Available touchscreen display and other high-tech features

I just had to take it for a test drive!

Behind the Wheel

The moment I hit the road, I could tell the Yaris was something special. It handled like a dream and had plenty of pep from its 1.5L 4-cylinder engine.

  • Zippy acceleration – perfect for merging and passing
  • Tight, responsive steering ideal for weaving through traffic
  • Smooth, comfy ride over bumps and rough pavement

The Yaris impressed me with how fun it was to drive. I felt like I was racing a go-kart instead of a budget compact car!

Value That Can’t Be Beat

But the thing that sealed the deal for me was the Toyota Yaris’s outstanding value.

For under 9,000 aed, it came loaded with:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Alloy wheels
  • Power windows, locks, mirrors
  • 7-inch infotainment display
  • Backup camera
  • Bluetooth phone & audio
  • Keyless entry
  • Cruise control

The 2017 Toyota Yaris changed my perception of affordable new cars. It delivers style, performance, tech, and safety with incredible bang-for-your-buck. I’d highly recommend test driving one yourself if you’re looking for an economic daily driver that’s big on fun. This diamond in the rough won’t disappoint!

Toyota Yaris 2017
1500 cc
full option
Full automatic
Come to America
The price is 9000 dirhams

A Diamond in the Rough _ My Toyota Yaris 2017 Experience A Diamond in the Rough _ My Toyota Yaris 2017 Experience